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Commercial junk removal services can be very difficult for an inexperienced or tired crew to take over. That is why you need a junk removal crew with many years of experience that can handle commercial services and take care of any work related or construction materials.

Construction Junk Removal Services

Construction junk removal clean up can be very tough and difficult, especially if you have been working all day and really do not want to stay longer to clean up and haul away the mess. Our work crew has years of experience dealing with construction junk and having it hauled away. Many heavy items can be taken care of by our junk removal crew including:

  • - Concrete slabs
  • - Re-bar
  • - Wood
  • - Nails
  • - Hardware
  • - Tile
  • - Asphalt

Even if you did the demolition, take the necessary precautions and hire the professionals to take care of removing such mess. We have the necessary tools and vehicles to remove heavy construction job site items.

Job Site Clean-Up

Contact us early in your construction project and let us manage your construction waste stream, ensuring compliance with all local ordinances. We’ll help you maximize the percentage of construction waste that gets recycled, rather than going to the landfill. This service is available to both contractors and owner-builders. Timely removal of construction debris helps avoid safety hazards and keeps the inspectors happy. We provide the paperwork needed to submit to your local government jurisdiction.

Dirt and Concrete Removal

Whether it is 10 yards or 2000 yards of material, call today so we can look at you project. We have heavy machines that can pick up mounds and thousands of pounds of concrete and dirt. No need to worry after you have finished with your excavation or construction job, because we can haul away that dirt and concrete.

We are also able to remove:

  • - Tiles
  • - Sand
  • - Rocks
  • - Fertilizer
  • - Cement
  • - Asphalt
  • - Black top
  • - And many other mounds of earthly items.

Storage Unit Clean Out

Storage units can be packed with possibly heavy or otherwise bothersome items that may be difficult to get rid of. These include appliances like:

  • - Heavy machines
  • - Dryers
  • - Old work machines
  • - Junk cars
  • - Furniture
  • - Non-working items which are ready to be thrown away

Storage units usually need to get cleaned out in a matter of hours if the rental payment is not met. When you need to get rid of any junk that is stored away in any storage unit, you can count on us to get in there quick and have all of it removed.

Office Space Clean Up

Office spaces are full of many items that can be trashed and junked away when they are no longer needed or functioning. This usually includes:

  • - Large copy machines
  • - Fax machines
  • - Desks
  • - Computers and chairs
  • - Filing cabinets
  • - Mounds of paperwork
  • - And many other items that are difficult to get rid of on your own

Many of these items will not be accepted at just any junk place, some of these are even considered hazardous and require special procedures to get rid of. Do not worry and bother yourself with trying to get rid of this stuff on your own! Los Angeles Hauling and Junk Removal can easily handle this removal with all of our years of experience. Contact us and get the best prices around!

Overnight Services

Our special overnight services are great for commercial businesses that have to deal with clean  ups overnight while there are no customers around. Our crew can work thru the night and get your job done so on the next day you can accomplish your goal and have a grand re-opening if you choose. We have experience working in large shopping malls and getting them cleaned up and ready for the next day’s sales.

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