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We offer many uncommon services that other junk removal services companies just will not touch. Why do we do it? Because we believe in providing any service to our customers that they may need to make their lives easier.

Disaster Clean Up

When natural disasters strike, you can count on our team to be ready and willing to come over and provide you with great service as if nothing has happened. Our hard working junk removal team will help you clean up and get your life back into order.

  • - High winds
  • - Earthquakes
  • - Rain storms

Whatever mother nature decides to throw at you you can rest assured that you will have a strong team backing you up!

Electronics Removal

The general public does not know, but getting rid of electronic equipment can be a very detailed and arduous task. These items are considered hazardous no matter where you plan on dumping them. There are┬áspecific┬ádump sites where you are allowed to get rid of these items, and sometimes the prices for dumping these items can be sky high unless you have a permit and insurances. It’s not as easy as just lugging your items out and dumping them at a random bin. If you were to get caught you would be charged a really high fee and worse yet get in trouble with the law.

Water Damage Clean Up

Water can be blue and clear but underneath its beauty, it can also be your greatest enemy. This substance can damage mostly everything in your daily life and once that damage is done, it can be unfixable. Water damage can occur at any time, in old houses or new. A water leak can cause many problems and cause you a pretty penny. When this happens, Los Angeles Hauling and Junk Removal can help you clean up and get rid of those ruined items. Water damage is very extensive and replacing your items like wet carpet, drywall, electronics, etc is usually your only option you may have left.

Fire Damage Clean Up

Fire damage can happen at any time especially at the most inopportune time. Accidents do happen and when there are fire accidents, sadly mostly everything can be consumed and done away with. All your personal or business belongings can be reduced to black rubble and you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Los Angeles Hauling and Junk Removal can clean up that mess and clear out your property so the bad reminders will be gone and away.

Hazard Waste Clean Up

Hazard waste clean up is also one of the services we offer for our commercial and residential customers on a daily basis. Our crew is trained on the latest techniques to dispose of and get rid of hazard waste. There are many household items that can be considered hazard like paint cans, aerosols, arts and crafts items and various other objects that you would never think would be considered hazardous. Did you know that even an old refrigerator with the freon can be considered hazard?

Video Production Clean Up

Los Angeles is full of many television and film productions going on around the city on a daily basis. Most of these productions are running on a budget and time schedule and usually require services to be rendered in an instant when needed. But worry not! Our services include:

  • - Helping clean up the mess left behind on set
  • - Experienced workers on call and ready to clean any debris or trash
  • - Quick and efficient disposal

Avoid getting fined or in trouble and call us now.

Special Event Clean Up

Have you recently had a special event like a wedding or a large party? Then you know the hassle that’s involved when it comes time to clean up. At the end of the night you just want to get off of your feet and relax but you really can’t do that if you need to clean up leftover party favors and other such items related to the event. We take care of:

  • - Trash bags
  • - Leftover party favors
  • - Food
  • - Tables and chairs
  • - Bottles and cups

Anything related to a large fiesta we can handle it!

Accident Clean Up

Accidents can happen at any point in time. Especially when you might not be ready to take them on. We are ready and available at any moment to help you deal with and clean up any accident that can happen. We value our customers and always put their needs first dealing with any trash and junk removal problems that may arise.

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