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Junk Removal Los Angeles (323) 315-2731

When it comes to Junk Removal in the Los Angeles area, we are the experts. We have the experienced crews and the perfect-sized equipment to efficiently remove an entire house full of junk or a portion of a house while keeping the impact on the surrounding landscape to a minimum.

Household Junk Removal Services

Our main bulk of the workload comes from household junk removal services, which include:

  • Rush services, for homeowners who need their property cleaned as quickly as possible.
  • Disposal of bulky or otherwise difficult trash that can be difficult to do on your own.
  • Reliable and responsible removal and haul of undesired items.
  • Removal of electronics, such as televisions, radios, speakers, and others which are considered hazardous.
Let us haul it away for you and save you time, money and from a large headache of having to deal with such items.

Garage Clean-Out


Garage clean-outs can be very daunting and time consuming for you! Do you really want to set aside a specific time and date to try to clean out your garage on your own? Don’t forget that a garage usually turns into a storage place where you have tossed your unwanted and forgotten items. Take advantage of our services instead!

We can get rid of:
  • Unusable antiques
  • Random pieces of lumber and hardware
  • Large power tools that are beyond repair
  • Broken appliances and tools like lawnmowers
  • Pieces of old carpet
  • And many more!
Los Angeles Hauling and Junk Removal makes it snap to get these items out of your garage and out of your mind. Not only will this free up your time but it will also give you the piece of mind to know that you accomplished something by not lifting a finger yourself!

Inside and Outside Junk Removal

Our crews can work inside or outside. When removing junk from inside your home or place of business, we’ll take extra care not to damage walls or floors. We provide fast, friendly service Junk Removal in Los Angeles. Not only will we be able to clear out outdoor items like pieces of chain link fence, wood and maybe even old plastic kid play toys that are taking too much space from your property.

Bulky Item Removal


There are many bulky items that may be very difficult for you to remove. Such items can cause serious injuries if not handled properly, but this is where we come in! Our crew will handle any and everything for you.

Examples of bulky items include:

  • Large refrigerators
  • Washing machines
  • Freezer boxes
  • Outdoor spa or jacuzzi

Don’t worry about hurting your back or making your life difficult, contact us and let us do all the hard work for you.

Movie In/Move Out Services

Moving in to a new location or even moving out can be very stressful and take a toll on your body. If you are a property owner and are currently switching tenants, you might have been left with many unwanted items on your property from your previous renters. Do you need all these items junked and removed off of your property in a hurry? Well, contact Los Angeles Hauling and Junk Removal and get rid of all of that unnecessary junk from your life.

Hoarder Junk Removal

Do you or a loved one have a hoarding problem on your property? Hoarding can be considered as a disability and sickness which needs to be treated in a sensitive and positive manner. We understand and we can be there to help you get rid of years of hoarding and storing items. This is a very delicate and broad service which may require special handling and care when trying to get the job done, as hazardous chemicals or materials may be among the items.

Our junk removal crew is trained in special handling and care of hoarder junk removal. We use safety equipment whenever possible and treat our customer with respect as we try to help them fix their hoarding situation. This also applies to landlords and property managers that have to get hoarding debris off of a property in a fast and efficient manner.

Yard Waste Removal

The leaves are starting to turn orange and falling off of the trees, those long tree branches and leftover tree trunks have to be pulled out and removed. What do you do? Contact Los Angeles Hauling and Junk Removal and you let us take care of all of your yard waste removal needs.